Rumble in the Dungeon production problem

Submitted by ehanuise on Wed, 24/10/2012 - 12:16

Update : the replacement campaign is now closed.


We have noticed an error from our manufacturer on 'Rumble in the Dungeon'. Even though this is a minor problem, we are very careful about our product quality and have therefore decided to communicate about this problem and to set up a correction program.

Problem description :

In our game 'Rumble in the House', there are six pairs of plastic tokens used to track player scores : one is kept in front of the player to remind him of his color, and the other is placed on the score track.
In 'Rumble in the Dungeon', we wanted to allow you to use of the game in combination with 'Rumble in the House'. Plastic tokens exists in 10 colors so we specified to the manufacturer that he should use 4 new colors (red, blue, green and black) and 2 colors already present in 'Rumble in the House' (Yellow and Pink) in order to allow up to 10 players around the table when combining both games.
That specification was not respected, and the 'Rumble in the Dungeon' boxes were delivered with the same color tokens as in 'Rumble in the House'.

Impact :

The effective impact is minimal : It only affects players combining 'Rumble in the House' and 'Rumble in the Dungeon' to play with more than 6 players. Furthermore, there is a score track in each game, it is already possible to use both score tracks to differentiate players using the same token color. This is however not as practical and elegant as using a single score track.

Resolution :

No matter how minimal the impact, this is a production error that we want to set right. Our manufacturer, Ludofact Germany, was informed of the error. Ludofact also cares very much for the quality of their products and immediately replied that they will correct the error at their own cost.
We have set up a web form at this address :
We ask all customers who bought Rumble in the Dungeon to fill in the form, which will stay online until JANUARY 30, 2013.
At this date we'll close the form and transfer all addresses to Ludofact. They will then mail each customer a set of plastic tokens of the right color during February.

We are of course very sorry for this error. And so is our manufacturer, Ludofact, whose product quality is renowned and usually excellent.
We hope you will be satisfied by the resolution we offer for this problem.