Game Submissions


Flatlined Games is often looking for new games matching our editorial line to add to our product range.

If you wish to submit a game of your design, please use the contact form to send us first a short (one page max!) description of your game, including number of players and playtime, as well as the amount of playtesting it received so far.

If we like it, we'll contact you for a copy of the rules or a prototype for evaluation.

Please do not send us unsolicited rules or prototypes, as we will neither be able to review them, nor to ship them back to you.

Our editorial line

If you want to submit a game to us, this will help you determine if it is suitable for our product line :


The first and foremost item we consider is fun. Fun comes first, before theme, mechanics, or political correctness. To us, cult leaders herding adepts or killer penguins chasing eskimos are way more fun than nobles building a city or peasants plowing fields!


At Flatlined Games we believe a game has to be built from the theme, and that game mechanics have to be designed to serve theme and not the other way around. Strong themes such as fantasy and science fiction have our preference, but any strong theme is welcome. More mundane themes such a real world history, business, or sports are not something we are very interested in.

Gamers' games...

We favor game with multiple mechanics and many opportunities of player interaction. Gaming is a social experience, so player interaction should never be limited to comparing scores at the end of the game. We view deals with other players, negotiations and table politics as game mechanics in their own right, and believe any player worth his salt should be able to endure some level of backstabbing with an elegant smile.

We also believe that a games' interest is directly related to the meaningful choices the player has to deal with, and the tension that derives from these choices.

... or not!

This does not mean smaller, lighter games are out of the picture. Everyone likes a fun filler between two complex games.

We published Rumble in the House, so ultra-simple games are welcome too!