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Dear retailer, Thank you for your interest in our SteamRollers funding campaign!


Kickstarter is new and disruptive in many ways, and both retailers and distributors have complaints about it.

The main issue voiced by retailers with regard to kickstarter is that it ties up money for a long time in advance to actually getting the product on the shelves. Retailers depend on rotating stock on the shelves for generating income, so this is problematic.

We have a simple answer: We won't tie up your cashflow: Order now, pay on shipping!




As participating retailer, you will get access to SteamRollers on release, and be able to reorder as much as you want. however, Non-participating retailers will not be allowed to sell SteamRollers for a whole year. This means you get a full year of advance on other retailers. This is a very big way to differentiate you store!

You will get the retailer discount (50% off the MSRP) and get access to any stretch goals met during the Kickstarter campaign.

We will of course add you in our retailer locator.

In exchange, we ask only one thing : This is a pre-order, you commit to carry SteamRollers in your store as soon as it's available.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info using the contact form!

You can get all the other info on our KS page :



SteamRollers retailer program : pre-order form