Argo Fr Nl En

Lead your team to the safety of the escape pods and leave station Argo before the Aliens kill you!

Push the others to make way in the cramped corridors, and use Astronauts from other teams to slow down the Aliens. Be careful however because if too many die, everyone will lose!

Argo is a tile-laying space station crawler, with lots of puzzle aspects, and a "not-cooperative but you have to behave" aspect that makes it unique in its genre.

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In Argo, you lead a team of Astronauts to the Escape Pods. However players also control the Aliens, and the seats in the Escape Pods are limited, so unpleasant things will happen. The pushing action in the cramped confines of Station Argo make for a puzzling challenge as you strategically plan your moves. There is no room for luck in Argo.

You earn points by placing your Astronauts in the escape pods Pods and by killing other Astronauts with the Aliens. However, the Aliens also get points each time an Astronaut dies, and if you use them too aggressively the Aliens will win the game!