Argo, it's now on Kickstarter!

Submitted by ehanuise on Thu, 04/02/2016 - 18:39

   Argo -- Kicktraq Mini



The crowdfunding campaign for Argo is now live!
Some of you supported us during the first attemps, thank you, we hope to see you onboard this time again!

Link to kickstarter :

Argo is the latest game co-designed by Bruno Faidutti and Serge laget. They already teamed up to give ue Mystery at the Abbey, Khéops, Ad Astra, Mission red planet and Castel.

In Argo you lead a team of Astronauts to the escape pods: you awoke from cryostasis on an unknown mining station, and the computer woke you up because of a bug. Plenty of large bugs, that is, as the station is swarming with Aliens!

You gain points by placing your Astronauts on departing shuttles, and by using Aliens to kill other Astronauts. However the Aliens also get points for each kill, and if you use them too aggressively they might end up winning the game!

The game is simple but deep, it's cramped, people get pushed, there is no room for luck, and no niceties to be expected from the others!

You'll get all informations and the multilingual rulesbook from the KS page : click on the chief!